1 | Ramblings of an overzealous candidate of love


I ‘started’ this blog a little while ago. And by that, I mean that I thought of a
name for this blog and registered on this site. Fast forward two years,
and now I think I am ready to write!

The last two years have been a rollercoaster. From completing my
postgraduate studies, to finding my feet in the working world, to getting
comfortable in this new city on my very own, to getting into and out of a pretty seriousish relationship, to… well, to continuing my search for love. So, you see, I’ve been legitimately busy.

I really hope this blog will explode, and one day, I will sign off,
casually saying that I have found my Mr. Right, and thank you all very much
for all your comments and likes and shares, but please don’t ever tell him I wrote
all this nonsense before I found him because I am no doubt going to have tried to
sound effortlessly cool and as though I would never have needed a blog (what even
is a blog?) to vent about all my struggles with dating and matrimonial
sites (because I don’t have such struggles) until I met him/to meet him.

Until then, please hear me out when I say that finding love these days is
HARD – can I get an Amen? And harder still when you were born in Kerala to Malayalee parents
who then decided to uproot you to a foreign land with all its own
particularities and greatness and troubles, but still try to firmly hold you to
your Malayalee’ness.

What I hope to achieve from this blog, other than to become overwhelmingly famous, is for people across the board to come together to revel in these shared experiences. You don’t have to be Malayalee (Mallu) to relate. You don’t have to be a girl. Some of these things are found in funny little ways in all sorts of societies. The idiosyncrasies of culture are often surprisingly, ironically similar, more often than not. That, too, being a Third Culture Kid (TCK) today is probably more widespread and understandable than it has ever been before, especially with the advent of technology. The possibilities are endless.

This blog is merely an exploration of my observations, opinions, and experiences of my world – I was born in one place to parents who grew up in different places, but of my birth country, who then proceeded to raise me in a completely different country. Make sense? I’m not going to try to describe terms like Malayalee or Shaadi.com or Tinder or TCK or anything else here (unless it’s something I made up, which is very likely). We live in the internet age, and if you can read this blog, you can Google these terms. Feel free to ask questions in the comments, though! If you share my experiences – let’s chat. MMx


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