3 | For chai and choices, go to Cochin


Kerala’s fashion destination, in my humble opinion, is the bustling port-side city of Cochin – specifically, M.G. Road (Mahatma Gandhi Road). From Indian traditional, to Western, to something in between, you can find it all here. Shops and shops of floors and floors of hundreds of trained chechi’s (and sometimes chettans) in uniform saris (not the chettans), and matching demeanours, all eagerly waiting to serve you. Because, really, it’s a service. None of this ‘float into the store and help yourself, like a commoner, to some random, probably-doesnt-even-suit-you, item of clothing’ nonsense we may or may not be forced to experience at most fashion outlets abroad.

No, in Cochin, the chai is flowing, along with other options to quench your thirst, while you lazily point at various colours of whatever type of Indian outfit you are looking for, and these wonderful elves do all the hard work. Their efforts are supererogatory (sorry, I just had to use this new-found word in a sentence, Google it!). They will patiently pull out tens of hundreds of choices for you from neatly packed rows and rows of saris (who even knows how to fold them, be honest)/churidhars (there are SO many different types these days)/lachas/whatever you want, offer their opinions, reassure you of how great every single item looks on you (and then how none of the other items suited you actually once you finally decide on something), only to pack them all back again and start afresh with the next lot of bored/confused/sometimes annoying/probably overwhelmed customers. It must be exhausting! Especially considering how shopping hours extend to around 9pm-10pm at night.

Anyways, did you know that, often, all these trainees live together in women’s hostels provided by their employer (Again, probably not the chettans)? So, that’s basically seeing the same people, day in and day out, and then having to deal with our needy asses. Truly, kudo’s to them. Thank you for making my shopping experience in Kerala unmatched! MMx


2 thoughts on “3 | For chai and choices, go to Cochin

  1. I must admit some of the charm for me is gone as now these “elves” that you speak of, are of not malayalee origin. As most of them are foreigners just like me, I dont fully trust their opinion or maybe its because i grow older and not necessarily believe that all chechi-mare says must be true.

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    1. I didn’t really experience that when I went, but then, I didn’t really get to spend as much time there as I normally would have. That being said, I agree, you must always, ALWAYS take the chechis’ opinions with an eeeextra large grain of salt! They are defos just trying to sell, sell, sell… But them packing everything away after pulling out all those saris remains a plus-point, I think! 🙂


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