Who is the Metropolitan Mallu?

The Metropolitan Mallu is me, it’s you. It’s any Malayalee who has been raised abroad with close-enough ties to the Homeland – or not necessarily even raised abroad. My posts are reflections on my real experiences, but they are generally mirrored across the board. I’ve met people from all sorts of backgrounds, cultures and religions who can relate to me as a global citizen, as a youth, as a woman, as a person – and if you don’t, that’s perfectly fine, too. We are all unique and I’d love to experience life through your eyes. Please subscribe, join the conversation, let me know what you like and don’t like, or write something yourself. I’d love to hear and share your thoughts. If you want to tell a story (real or fictional; relatable to this blog) in 1000 words or less, let me know via Twitter or Instagram (@metromallu), through Facebook (/MetroMallu) or send me mail: metromallu@gmail.com

If you know who I am, who I really am, please don’t make this known in the public realm. My Amma would kill me if she knew I was up to this level of nonsense pre-groom. MMx


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