5 | Guest Post: MALLU I AM – A poem



So I said

A sense of pride so I felt.

But now…

But now…

A burden it has become.

A heaviness I feel.

A curse, perhaps?

Dramatic I seem

But all I hear is:


Mallu I am. Mallu I am not.

A bit of both?

Confused, I am.

Oh dear husband where ever thou may be

I hope you know

I am not ready.

Oh dear husband where ever thou may be

I hope you know

I am not happy.

Oh dear husband

this is not for me.

Mallu I am. Mallu I am not.

A bit of both?

Oh, who cares.

Marriage I see…

Inevitable it seems.


I received an email recently from this young NRI Malayalee girl who is under increasing pressure to get married. She wanted to share her feelings through a poem she wrote because she thinks you guys might be able to relate. Thanks for writing in, Saira! 
Personally, I think that this opens up a whole bunch of questions: marriage pressure from such a young age; if young men are pressured as forcefully as young women are; marriage pressure (in general); and maybe even the relevance of marriage (at all) in this day and age. What do you think?
Please share your thoughts via the comments below, and if you would like to write in yourself – please do so here: metromallu@gmail.com
I look forward to hearing from you! MMx

4 thoughts on “5 | Guest Post: MALLU I AM – A poem

  1. Fight. Fight, fight fight. Say no a million times. Negotiate with them. You will achieve this, this and this and then you will get married. Ask for another year. Do whatever you can before you can dish out the threats. ‘If you do this then I will… (You can finish that). Find an adult who will support you. It’s possible to stall.

    Good luck x

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    1. Hey boots in summer, apparently she does have a choice in the matter, and it is by no means the makings of a forced marriage. All she meant to express was her displeasure at having to go through this at all in the first place – regardless of whether she gets given nice ‘options’ or not. Like, you know, the idea of getting married might be where the pressure lies, and not so much the To Whom. Everyone’s mom wants them to get married, but the pressure – possibly without an actual timeline – is getting annoying. At least, that’s my interpretation. Thanks for your comment!

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  2. Marriage is a serious decision…a lifelong one. Getting married in our community is inevitable, unless you wan to consider the religious life? My advice is to explore the options and get to know the person for a while before anything is finalized. Take some time to talk, get to know each other on a deeper level and then decide can we really be happy together as life partners?


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